Why we need to be careful “checking in”

Why we need to be careful “checking in”

Take a look at the screens from a recent iPhone App release:

Girls Around Me iPhone App screen shots

[Source: Venturebeat]

Yes, it really is as creepy as it looks. Basically it looks up all Foursquare check-ins published by females in the immediate vicinity of this App’s user aka Mr Desperate Stalker.

Now while Foursquare has shut off this apps access to its site and data, this should be taken as a wake-up call of the potential dangers, especially to women, of making your location and movements publicly available via services such as Foursquare. This will, undoubtedly, be one of the first of a whole new breed of “Stalker Apps”. Even Facebook is doing mobile check-ins now via its app.

If you’re a regular user of these services, either stop using them or think very carefully about why you’re using them and why exactly you want to share your every movement with the world. At the very least, check-in after you’ve left! Also, if you use Facebook check-ins check your privacy settings carefully to ensure you control exactly which friends can and cannot see your current location.

Be careful, it’s a crazy world out there!